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Who We Are

We are a group of design driven individuals passionate about creating engaging user experiences

At brandvault we are constantly working to develop better interactions and are focused about building real world value for our partners and brand custodians. With an ever growing catalogue of suppliers and services we want to ensure we deliver outstanding customer experience.


We work alongside our partners and brand custodians to clearly identify, not where we are but rather where we want to be in the future and how we can expand and deepen the customer interaction.


Working with our in-house team of marketing and design expertise, we begin the journey form the viewpoint of the consumer... how they interact today.... how will they interact tomorrow.... Then we set about designing the experience for tomorrow, today!


Deep down were technologists, we love all things related to cooperation, collaboration and coordination between our design and tech team. Open source nuts, we look to leverage the latest advancements d trends within the digital landscape.


After we build, test, build and test again we go back to our design vision... this ensures we launch each new brand with all the required support and attention. We actively explore all available media channels and look to establish long term organic growth across the board.

What We Do

We have everything you need to launch and grow a successful digital business.

We work alongside our partners and brand custodians, we look to leverage the latest advancements d trends within the digital landscape. We actively explore all available media channels and look to establish long term organic growth across the board.

Brand Identity

Is one of the most important aspects of any business, large or small, strong identifiable brand shows professionalism and gives you a major edge in increasingly competitive markets.


Is an example or a story which is used to make a point clear, in today's increasing visual world illustration is a key advantage in enforcing brand image and creating meaningful relationship with consumers.

Web Design

Encompasses many different skills and disciplines in the production and maintenance of websites, our development process focuses on aesthetic factors like layout, user interface and other visual imagery in order to make the web visually appealing and easy to use.

Product Strategy

Is the foundation for the entire product lifecycle, we constantly develop and adjust our product strategy, to zero-in on target audiences and define key attributes necessary to achieve success.

UI/UX Design

User experience is the complete experience, and it may not be even about the screen. User Interface design is visual design... information design both in and around screens and relays to any touch point a users have with a system, digital or not.

Mobile Development

The paradigm shift in mobile device usage and it ascendency as the preferred platform is one of the most intriguing areas of software development. Mobile development represents a great entrepreneurial opportunity for our team to build, usable, meaningful applications.

Our Brands & Outlets

These are some of our brands, and we are so excited to share them with you.

Foot Protect

Quality footwear for the workplace


Foot Protect stocks the worlds leading brands, supplying safety footwear that conforms to international safety standards.

Visit FootProtect


Handmade for over 30 years

Munchies Foods

Sandwich makers and Lunchtime creators, handmade in the hear of England for over 30 years.

More about Munchies Foods
Indivudial Products
Cups of Coffee
Global Brands
Place for everything

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